Riverside Instructors

Welcome to our team! We love what we do and we love our members, so we are very excited to include you in our Riverside community. Now for the housekeeping....


Email the following to accountmanager@riversidefitness419.com:

  1. Completed W9 form
    This form does contain your social security number, so if you prefer, you may fill out, place in a sealed envelope, label it, and leave it at front desk in main gym. You may also securely share using a service like Dropbox.

  2. Your CPR certification card

  3. Your insurance certificate with Riverside Fitness of Oviedo

  4. Your contact information, including email address and mobile phone number

  5. Your Zelle or Venmo payment details for payroll

If you are a Les Mills instructor, log in to the instructor portal and affiliate yourself with Riverside Fitness.

  1. Log in here: https://lesmills.secure.force.com/instructorportal/Login

  2. In the top menu, select Your Facilities.

  3. Search for and select Riverside Fitness of Oviedo LLC.


If you are teaching a format that uses the microphone, you are responsible for having your own microphone accessories, which include:

  1. Microphone belt

  2. Microphone windscreens

Windscreen use is required for the protection of the sensitive microphone electronics and the sanitary protection of other instructors. The microphone was not designed to be used without a windscreen. If you do not have a windscreen, do not use the microphone.


Let us know when you can teach, sub, or be available for small group technique trainings:



For our Les Mills team, we have the following email distribution lists that will enable you to communicate with the appropriate team. You don't have to worry if you remembered all the right recipients; we've taken care of it for you:


Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours

Sunday: Open 24 hours

1941 W. County Rd 419 #1031

Oviedo, FL 32766


(407) 733-4300

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