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Testimonials for Personal Trainer Maegan

Have you met our personal trainer, Maegan, yet? We are so proud to have Maegan here at Riverside. If you haven't already, check out Maegan's bio. Here's what Riverside members are saying about working with Maegan.


“Since my first session and present, Maegan has done a phenomenal job listening, educating, and envisioning my fitness process. Serving in the Armed Forces my entire life, I have permanent damage to areas such as my back and neck. My main goal was to lose weight, but my body has transformed elsewhere. In the past 15 years, my neck has never felt this functional. In the past five weeks, I have lost up to nine pounds. Maegan has a great personality and listens to any questions, or concerns. I always feel motivated, accountable, and stronger.” -- Michael


“Maegan has been the perfect trainer for me. Normally, I tend to hurt myself. It isn't the trainers' fault. I just tend to forget that I am 76 years old. I get a bit worked up with my workout. Maegan has managed to improve my fitness without letting me undo it. I couldn't be more pleased with our progress. I brag to my friends and relatives about her. Unfortunately for our gym membership, they are almost all overseas.” -- Tom


“I’ve been working out with Maegan for a little over a month. I have significant issues with my lower back and her expertise in functional strength training has decreased my pain significantly. Maeganis always very prepared with a routine tailored to you! She also engages my kids when they want to join our sessions. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her dedication and always look forward to our workouts!” -- Audrah


“After being away for a year and putting on my Covid-(19) I’m back and training with Maegan. She is great and helps push me and have increased my weights, added muscle and lost 2% of body weight in 1.5 months. She challenges me with achievable goals and lets me challenge myself to add an extra 5 or 10lbs. when I want to try it. She always has a plan, keeps me on track, and motivates me to do things I didn’t think I could (burpees come to mind). I recommend Maegan to help you achieve your goals.” --Chris


“Maegan has made it so fun these past few months to lose weight. She has empowered me to not look at the scale, but look at how strong I am. Being a mom and setting aside the time for me to workout, has taught me dedication. Maegan is the perfect accountability partner, she is so flexible and understanding. I feel confident again in my body and love her fun workouts! I have lost over ten pounds and can see definition again in my body. She is the best!” -- Sarah


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