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New Equipment Coming Soon

We are so excited to share the new equipment we have ordered for our gym! First, we have a new Life Fitness jungle coming, featuring eight stations, cable pulleys, twin cable pulleys, and more.

\Next, we have three new benches coming: incline, decline, and flat.

Last but not least, we have some Hammer Strength rubber plates coming. These are quieter and gentler on your hands, but tough on your muscles!

Which piece of equipment are you most excited to use? Let us know!

  1. https://www.lifefitness.com/en-us/catalog/strength-training/multi-use/life-fitness/signature-series-multi-jungle-mj8

  2. https://www.lifefitness.com/en-us/catalog/strength-training/benches-racks/life-fitness/signature-series-olympic-incline-bench

  3. https://www.lifefitness.com/en-us/catalog/strength-training/benches-racks/life-fitness/signature-series-olympic-decline-bench

  4. https://www.lifefitness.com/en-us/catalog/strength-training/benches-racks/life-fitness/signature-series-olympic-flat-bench

  5. https://shop.lifefitness.com/hammer-strength-round-rubber-olympic-plates

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