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Meet Samantha

We have started featuring our trainers, instructors, and staff at Riverside Fitness.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Samantha Wombough. Samantha is an NASM-certified corrective exercise specialist, certified stretch therapist, and certified personal trainer at Riverside. With her business, Remedial Health and Wellness, Samantha aims to assess individuals to provide assisted stretching and functional strength training.

Samantha is also providing free one-hour assessments to Riverside, courtesy of Thrivent. You can read more about it here.

Now let's learn more about Samantha!

Why did you become a personal trainer? What do you love most about the job?

I became a health professional in the fitness and sport industry because the importance of overall wellness is often neglected. As someone who has an extensive background in the health and medical field, there are many factors that go into one’s wellbeing that are not talked about mainstream. I have a passion to educate others and teach them how to achieve their goals in a realistic and healthy way that works for them. Fitness can be overwhelming; being a professional that can guide individuals in the right direction without feeling discouraged is what I love about this field.

Do you have a specialty or some other aspect of your education that you’re exceptional at?

Although I have experience in all areas of the health and fitness world, I specifically specialize in injury prevention and recovery. This includes corrective exercise and assisted stretching! Injury prevention and recovery is often overlooked in the fitness world. Time after time, I hear that people will skip stretching and skip “rest” days just to reach their goals faster. These actions lead to overtraining, or underrecovery, which will negatively impact your performance and health. Injury prevention and recovery not only helps you avoid negative side effects, but when those micro-tears heal, your muscles will grow more effectively! I am also currently enrolled in school to become of Physician of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, specializing in sports medicine acupuncture and pain management. I believe implementing holistic and alternative modalities can change the fitness world in a very beneficial way.

What is the biggest misconception about personal training, in your opinion?

In my opinion, the biggest misconception with personal training is that, yes, a personal trainer is capable and trained to work with all fitness goals and health histories. Some trainers are more open to the idea of having varying training types for individuals. However, most trainers find it more comfortable and exciting to work with a specific niche. For someone seeking a personal trainer, it is important not to “settle” with any personal trainer that crosses your path. Do your research on their educational background, ask questions about their specialties, and work towards find the right match for your specific goals!

What is the one statement you wish everyone would know about fitness?

A statement that I wish everyone knew about fitness is that fitness is more than the numbers. Fitness can mean improvement in one’s ability to perform daily functions, improvement in mood, and reduction in stress levels. There is no formula to fitness. Fitness is what any individual defines it as. If you’re moving your body to better yourself, that is fitness.

Time for some free advice. What is your top tip for any of the following: losing weight, staying in shape, improving ability, building muscle, etc.?

My biggest tip for improving ability is to be accepting that everything takes time, sometimes much longer than expected. Whether you’re coming out of rehabilitation, a first timer at the gym, or even an experienced body builder, everyone has some type of compensation in their body that they can work on improving. Taking a step back and correcting postural malalignments and compensations will ultimately improve your performance and activities of daily life! Restoring the balance in your body leads to decreases pain levels, improvement in posture, decreased chance of injury, lower stress levels, and overall improve daily living.


Interested in working with Samantha? Reach out to her directly at

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