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Meet Marc

We have started featuring our trainers, instructors, and staff at Riverside Fitness.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Marc Hottenstein. Let's learn more about Marc!

Why did you become a personal trainer? What do you love most about the job?

I became a personal trainer because I want to help people both young and old to reach their fitness goals and believe in themselves.

Do you have a specialty or some other aspect of your education that you’re exceptional at?

I don’t really have a specialty because I would like to work with everyone of all ages. But if I did, my specialty would be youth training for both boys and girls. I have coached high-level gymnastics for over 30 years and have trained them into elite level gymnasts including Olympic gymnasts Shannon Miller and Kerri Strug!

What is the biggest misconception about personal training, in your opinion?

I think a lot of people think that the workouts will be too hard and we will push them over their limits. Not true! We will develop a fitness program that suits the client and will motivate them to achieve their goals!!!

What is the one statement you wish everyone would know about fitness?

Fitness training provides good physical and mental health! Resulting from exercise and proper nutrition! Takes time and a lot of hard work!! Fitness is life!!



Interested in working with Marc? Reach out to him directly at coachhott@gmail.com.

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