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Meet Brandon

We have started featuring our trainers, instructors, and staff at Riverside Fitness.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Brandon Judd. Brandon is an athlete, mentor, and coach. As the founder and head coach of his professional wakeboard coaching company, Wake Coaches, he has been coaching and training clients for over 10 years with extensive experience in helping them achieve and even exceed their sport-specific goals. Brandon specializes in psychological and physiological analysis, which plays a pivotal role in helping clients map out a clear path to success.

Now let's learn more about Brandon!

Why did you become a personal trainer? What do you love most about the job?

As a coach, I’m passionate about helping people reach and often exceed their goals. It’s fascinating to me that most common and challenging obstacle between my clients and their goals is mental — either from lack of knowledge or a false belief system. Part of that knowledge and belief is interconnected to their physical fitness. It was just a natural progression to expand into personal training as a means to better serve my clients. It’s definitely opened up my capacity to help my clients reach their goals in a more efficient and fulfilling way.

Do you have a specialty or some other aspect of your education that you’re exceptional at?

My specialty is the intersection between creating the right mindset and mapping out a clear cut path to achieving your big picture goals. Lasting progress requires consistency over time and is only achieved with the big picture in mind. This lifestyle change will eventually compound on itself. For example, exercising every day takes discipline. That discipline will carry over into your work, your personal finances, your eating habits, your relationships, etc. The progress you’ll see in all of those areas of your life will change your perspective on everything. The mindset shift is more powerful than people like to admit. This is no more or less true for a high performance athlete than it is for the general public.

What is the biggest misconception about personal training, in your opinion?

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or an extremely unhealthy person to get value from a good coach or trainer. People talk themselves out of their own potential all the time. This is a false belief system, which, if bought into, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Plus, working with a good coach is fun!

What is the one statement you wish everyone would know about fitness?

If you have a body, you’re an athlete. Sleep, eat, and train accordingly.

Time for some free advice. What is your top tip for any of the following: losing weight, staying in shape, improving ability, building muscle, etc.?

Don’t over complicate it. While everyone’s circumstances will be different, the principles of success remain the same and are available to anyone who applies them. You’re the only one in your way — but if you’re the problem, then that also means that you’re the solution! Team up with someone who can hold you accountable and help you implement those principles in your life and you’ll be unstoppable.


Interested in working with Brandon? Reach out to him directly at brandon@wakecoaches.com.

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