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Les Mills On Demand for Riverside Members

Updated: Aug 26

We know that staying fit and active is the best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Not only that, regular physical activity is proven to combat stress and provide mental health benefits.

To help you stay active when it’s not possible to visit us in person, we’ve teamed up with Les Mills to give you online workouts as part of your membership. You can now enjoy access to LES MILLS™ On Demand free for 30 days. Simply click below to get started.

When you sign up you’ll be asked to enter your payment details, but you won’t be charged for the 30-day trial. If you want to continue beyond that, you’ll automatically become a paying subscriber at this special rate we’ve negotiated with Les Mills. Please note the trial is valid for new subscribers only.

After your free trial, you will have Riverside Fitness' special rate of $9.99 per month (that's 33% savings!).

LES MILLS On Demand (aka LMOD) offers over 1,000 of your favorite workouts across 13 categories. You can work out with classic programs such as BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™, do mindfulness exercises and even get the kids active with BORN TO MOVE™. The workouts range from 15 to 55 minutes and there are options for all fitness levels.

Wishing you good health,

From the team at Riverside Fitness of Oviedo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this deal just for Riverside members?

No! While this special deal was setup between Les Mills and Riverside, it is available to anyone who signs up at the link provided. So if you have a friend, colleague, or family member who would like to try Les Mills On Demand and take advantage of this reduced pricing, all they need to do is sign up at the link above.

I used to have Les Mills On Demand before; can I still take advantage of this offer?

You can (and should!) take advantage, but you will not be able to use the 30-day free trial. You will still, however, get Riverside's reduced partnership pricing.

I currently have Les Mills On Demand. How do I take advantage of this offer?

  1. You will need to cancel your current LMOD subscription first.

  2. Then click on the button above to get the Riverside discount. You will not need to create a new account or enter new billing details. The new price will be updated right away.

Can I cancel at any time?


What Les Mills programs are in Les Mills On Demand?


Read more about these classes here.

What equipment do I need?

For most of the workouts, equipment is not required or the class can be modified to do without equipment. Exceptions are as follows:

  • Generic barbells, weight plates, dumbbells or kettlebells are suitable for strength training workouts such as BODYPUMP™ and LES MILLS GRIT™ Strength.

  • A generic step or bench works well for BODYSTEP™ (step aerobics) and LES MILLS GRIT™ Athletic (HIIT), and any resistance band can be used for LES MILLS CORE™ (core conditioning).

  • Any stationary bike will work well for LES MILLS cycle workouts (LES MILLS SPRINT™, RPM™, and THE TRIP™).

  • If you prefer to use a mat during yoga, any yoga mat will suffice.

How do I access the workouts?

  • Through the Les Mills On Demand mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Through the Les Mills On Demand app available in the app store for AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Xbox consoles, Chromecast, and some smart Samsung TVs.

  • Through any web browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). This includes smart TV web browsers.

Can I use Les Mills On Demand when I travel?

Absolutely! And this is one of the key benefits of LMOD. You can also locally download workouts in advance so they're available to you on your device offline. This is useful when traveling to places where Wifi is poor or unavailable altogether.

Still have questions?

Ask us! Most of your Les Mills instructor team is also LMOD users, and we're happy to show you all the cool features of LMOD, including hybrid workouts, team challenges, and more. LMOD is a great way to round out your regimen with classes we don't currently offer or to help you build confidence in formats you're not ready to try in person yet. There's nothing better than "the group effect" in person, but LMOD is a strong second place!

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