Meet the Trainers

Wife, mom and certified personal trainer. Angie is passionate about encouraging people and helping them realize and reach their fitness goals. Health and fitness can be fun and Angie's goal is to guide you on that journey.


Samantha is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with a master's in sport and exercise science. She is continuing education in Oriental medicine and acupuncture. Samantha works with all ages.


Susan is certified in personal training and fitness nutrition. Susan's passion lies in living and inspiring an active and healthy lifestyle for herself and others.She enjoys motivating others to their fullest fitness potential and celebrating successes along the way. 

Whether your goal is starting an exercise program, increasing strength, losing weight, or plyometric, reactive or SAQ training, Susan can help! 


Outdoorsman and personal trainer. Josh is passionate about making people's lives easier to do the things they want to do. Whatever the obstacle is, Josh is here to help you climb it. 


Maegan is certified in personal training and continuing education in physical therapy. Her goal is to empower and impact any age, lifestyle, or mindset; while making it fun and achievable.


Personal Training Prices

To sign up for a personal training package, please see a personal trainer at Riverside Fitness or call (407) 733-4300.